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The Horse Mechanoid is UGears first mechanical walking quadruped.  Long before the electricity and steam-powered engines made a significant impact on society’s progress, horses were used as the main transportation and hauling source.  From very early on, in Ancient Greece, Japan, and China, inventors inspired by the idea to enhance nature’s most impeccable design with endurance and durability of the mechanisms, attempted to build various walking machines.

Combining the ingenuity of Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions and innovative ideas of the modern world, in an attempt to reincarnate those walking machines, UGears created the Horse Mechanoid.  Like all UGears models, the mechanical Horse was built to move on its own, powered by a genuine self-propelled mechanism.  However, there were challenges along the way of creating the Mechanoid and bringing it to perfection.  While solving the problem of stability of moving construction, UGears toy engineers developed a new, revolutionary strategy.  Following the anatomical specifics of real horses, and to ensure that the Mechanoid’s legs move like the ones of a real horse, UGears designers implemented a claw mechanism.  Still, the moving element of the Horse Mechanoid remains to be its rubber band mechanism, connected to the movable elements, in addition to a pendulum, located in Mechanoid’s chest.

Escape from electronics and modern technologies and dive into the romantic, old-fashion fun of horseback riding with UGears Horse Mechanoid.


UGears Horse Mechanoid stands and moves like a real quadruped, using all four of its extremities, unlike other walking machines that require extra legs or additional supports to maintain stability.

Like all UGears models, the Mechanoid features self-propelled motion, provided by the genuine rubber-band mechanism.  The wind of the Horse’s mechanical motor will set it in motion, however, it won’t travel far.  Nonetheless, the distance this Bionic Quadruped covers is enough to observe the work of its unique mechanism and enjoy the beauty of this model.

The Horse Mechanoid set is made with high-grade natural wood materials and comes with everything needed for assembly.  Refer to the detailed, step-by-step illustrated instruction, included with each model,  for assistance in the building process.






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